Stumped Sixth Graders

Choosing a photo for an article is not always easy, but should tell a story.

I often get the same question from many sixth graders, “How do I attach a picture to my story?”

I decided to make a Camtasia video to explain the process. Not only did I want my students to know how to attach a photo to a story, I also want them to be able to pick the best picture for the story.

My lesson plan contains “Tips for Photography” that can be used while analyzing photos. My students often take pictures with part of someone’s head cut off or blurry shots, so I thought it was important to include the tips so they can start thinking about the kind of shot they want to take and what story the photo will tell.

Lesson Plan:


Please view the lesson plan, rubric and video. Hopefully you’ll get a better understanding of selecting and attaching photos to stories!

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