Cool Stuff Confusion

I’m just going to say it, I don’t exactly know what I’m doing!

I have created a poll online and it’s been affective and I’ve certainly looked at plenty of Google Maps, but I have never had to post specific locations on a website that I created myself. All of this is beyond anything I pictured myself doing!

The map didn’t turn out that great. I pinpointed four locations in which students hangout after school. Each location is within walking distance of school and the kids congregate in these spots probably driving the owners crazy, but business is business.

I then tackled a timeline. This was much more difficult than I expected. I looked at several of the suggested free sites and ended up using Visme. I was surprised by how easy this site made making a timeline, but getting the embedded link was more difficult. After several tries, I eventually figured out how to get the URL to paste to the site. Hopefully it works when you click on it!

(Side note – The link didn’t work so I had to include the timeline as an image.)

This survey was based off of observations and data collecting from journalism students after school.

Making a poll was my last task. As I stated above, I have created polls on websites before using Survey Monkey, so I thought I’d try a new program, It was fairly easy to figure out, even getting the link to post popped right up. I stuck with multiple choice questions because when I fill our surveys online, I like them to be quick and easy!

All in all, it was fun exploring some new interactive sites, even though I’m not very good at any of them, yet!

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