Podcasting in Public

After doing my first solo podcast, where my voice was the only voice on the podcast, I dived into the fascinating world of interviewing for a podcast.

It was a strange experience to talk to myself, but even stranger to speak into a microphone in a small group with others watching.

I have been in many videos and am used to speaking to a camera, but having five students stare at me up close while I’m asking them questions, felt very weird.

I am lucky because the students I chose to interview on this podcast are strong eighth grade speakers. They had a lot to say and were clear and articulate. We had to start and stop several times due to my mess-ups and giggling. The students were less nervous than I was!

A couple things I learned during this process is to make sure the interview questions are clearly written ahead of time. Be prepared for possible responses and phrase questions in a way that solicit the best response. If the answer leads the conversation in different direction, be ready to switch topics and go with the flow. Listening to the interviewee is the most important.

I used a small microphone and clipped it to the top of my computer screen. We sat in a circle around the computer so our voices would have equal volume level. The voices did not end up with even volume, due to some of the students being more shy or soft spoken than others.

The editing and music adding process was pretty similar to the first time I podcasted. Although this time, I was able to figure out how to add music to the beginning of the podcast.

This activity was really fun, but definitely took more time than a solo podcast. I had to organize and manage more of the script, but all in all, I think it turned out pretty well.

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