Podcasting in Private

Talking to myself has never been an issue. I am not afraid to say things out loud or as in a checklist or reminder when I am completing tasks. In fact, I share an office with six other ladies and at any given time during the school day, you could hear multiple voices radiating from our office and no one is actually speaking to anyone.

The podcast experience was a little difference. I hooked up a mini-microphone to my sweatshirt, found a quiet place in the house and practiced reading my script using a natural conversational voice.

Once I rehearsed a few times, I was ready to use the software for a trial run. I used Audacity to record and edit. It was kind of fun learning a new program and checking out all the cool editing features it had to offer. I still don’t understand how most of it works, but I was able to play around with the program to at least be familiar with the recording options.

I started my podcast with an introduction and then checked it. It sounded better than I thought! Most people think they sound very strange when they hear their own voice on a recording device, but my voice surprised me. I did sound a little funny was I was more clear than I expected to sound.

I script reading went very well. I had a couple stutters, but I sounded natural. I really didn’t want listeners to get the idea I was reading from a script, so I made sure to just tell my story and use the script as a guide.

Adding music was the hardest part. I could not figure out how to add music to the beginning of the podcast so it’s only at the end! I’m sure there is a way, I just not experienced enough to figure it out.

I used Soundcloud to get a link to add to my blog. This program was extremely easy!

The strangest part about this whole experience was speaking to air. I was in a quiet room in my own house and nobody was listening to me. I’m used to eye contact from a listener and body language to show me they are listening. It was odd to not have immediate feedback when speaking.

I actually enjoyed making a podcast more than I thought I would. Next time, I’m going to figure out the music for the intro!

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