Feeling Old

When did I get to be as old as my parents? I used to roll my eyes every time they asked how to use a cordless phone, an answering machine or even a remote control for the television. God forbid they tried to record a movie on the VHS!

This one time, I heard my dad swearing at the TV from two rooms away. I walked into the family room to see my dad banging the cordless phone on the coffee table. I said, “Um dad, what are you doing?”

“I can’t get this damn thing to work!” shouted my father.

“Dad, you do know that’s the cordless phone and not the remote, right?”

My dad looked at the phone, the TV and then me and swore even louder!

My brothers and I found that whole situation extremely comical and have never let our father forget how clueless he was so many years ago.

I am now that clueless person.

As I was reading over the syllabus for this class, I discovered how little I actually know about technology. I have two teenaged children and teach middle school. I know my students and own children know more about social media, video making, photo filters and all sorts of media related Apps, but I didn’t expect to be so far out of the loop!

There are various thoughts on the definition of multimedia and even if the word “multimedia” should be used. This week I learned that no matter the media used, it’s all about the story telling. Every media is used to tell a story, pass on information or for entertainment.

According to an article titled “Re-defining Multimedia Journalism,” “Multimedia storytelling continues to evolve as more journalists experiment with the possibilities opened up by new digital tools and techniques.” There are so many ways to tell a story. The trick is trying to figure out which medium to use. Most of the time you have to combine mediums in order to deliver the best story possible, which can be tricky unless you have experience in the different media.

The “Inside Reporting” book was a great review on terminology. Since I teach younger students, I try to keep my lessons as basic as possible, so pages 28-29 reminded me of some of the vocabulary needed to write a story with a proper lay-out.

I’m hoping to learn about the different computer programs available and what I can do with each program. I want to be more educated in social media and video making. I want to teach my students something they don’t already know, rather asking them for help when it comes to technology.

I have officially turned into the old person I vowed to never be. I’m sure my own children roll their eyes at me all the time. Although I am fairly capable of navigating different medias, I still feel behind!

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